Any recording school can teach you the basics of signal flow, Pro Tools, microphone polar patterns...etc, but there is a lot more to it than that, including learning how to make music sound good. Azmyth School of Music Technology is an Audio Engineer, Recording Engineer and Music Production school located in Indianapolis Indiana that prepares students for a career in the Music Business. We set ourselves apart by providing one on one instruction in an apprenticeship format in addition to bi weekly group labs. Students are able to be hands on in our Student Studio on day one of the program. As one of Indianapolis's most active recording studios for original music, our students gain real world experience in a production environment.


     At Azmyth Music Tech we not only focus on teaching you the technical fundamentals, but also how to apply those to mixing your music and achieving the sound you are looking for. We work individually with each student so that we can work at the students pace, not the class’s pace. Each person progresses differently when it comes to learning the technique of critical listening, and we encourage our students to bring us their work on a regular basis so that we can provide guidance necessary to their professional development.


      In addition to the one on one training we offer Friday Night Group Labs that give the students a chance to meet each other as well as learn off of each other. Group labs can be structured in topic or have more of a freestyle approach.


     Get trained to be an Audio Engineer from industry professionals in a real recording studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our instructors have worked with some of the top names in the music industry including;


Eminem                                       Wiz Khalifa                                     Papa Roach

Snoop Dogg                               Gavin DeGraw                                Alanis Morissette

Mike Posner                              The Migo's                                        Bizzy Bone

Goo Goo Dolls                           William Michael Morgan        Jadakiss

Busta Rhymes                           DMX                                                    Big SMO


        We provide a twenty week program. Each week consists of 8-12 hours of study, two hours of  lessons taught by an actual engineer working in the music industry, a minimum of two hours of shadowing in actual studio sessions, and a minimum of 6 hours practicing in our student studio. At the end of the 20 weeks you will receive a certificate of completion and will be ready to start your journey in Recording Music. All this for half the price of other music programs. Please explore our website to learn more about what we have to offer.

Azmyth Recording Studio

5210 E 65th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46220

"To inspire, educate, and mentor students in the creative, technical, and practical skills required to be music's next generation of leaders."

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