• Learn From Industry Professionals Currently in the Business
  • Learn 1 on 1 in a real professional recording studio
  • Hands On Training with Industry Standard Gear
  • Azmyth Costs Much Less Than Other Schools


Any recording school can teach you the basics of signal flow, pro tools, microphone polar patterns…ect, but there is a lot more to it than that. When I personally left the monster audio school in Florida in the mid 90′s I felt they had taught me everything. I soon realized that the hard work of making music sound good was just beginning. At Azmyth Music Tech we not only focus on teaching you the technical fundamentals, but also how to apply those to mixing your music and achieving the sound you are looking for. We work individually with each student so that we can work at the students pace, not the class’s pace. Each person progresses differently when it comes to learning the technique of critical listening, and we encourage our students to bring us their work on a regular basis so that we can sit down with them and see how they are progressing.

Get trained to be an Audio Engineer from industry professionals in a real recording studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. The school last for twenty weeks. Each week, we will have two hours of Lesson and two hours of Shadowing in actual studio sessions. The lesson will be one-on-one and will be taught by an actual engineer working in the Music Industry. At the end of the 20 weeks you will receive a certificate of completion and will be ready to start your journey in Recording Music. All this for half the price of other music programs. $6,500 Apply today!

Blog Posts

Students assist on Music Video Shoot

DSC_0536 ASMT students shadow the production of pop singer Maria Diebolt‘s music video for her debut single.

Cutting horns with Indianapolis band Audiodacity

DSC_0487DSC_0487ASMT student Tim Walker adjusting the AEA ribbon mics while tracking horns with Indianapolis group Audiodacity.


Studio S at Azmyth (Student Studio)

DSC_0471At Azmyth students have full access to their own fully equipped studio nearly 24 hours a day!

DSC_0473Student Colton S. in Studio S concentrating on a mixing project.

Student tracks band for Comcast show


BuddyStudent Buddy S. tracks the band “Nash Walker & The Doctors” for Comcast‘s show Inside Tracks.

ASMT Mentor writes music for hit MTV show


robMentor Travis “Kold Kut” Moore just finished up writing a bunch tunes for hit MTV show Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory. The show is currently airing on MTV.



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