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 Our workshop style training for group or individual Pro Tools 101 (4 Hour Session) $250.00 - Course Details: Introduction to Pro Tools. Basic I/O setup, Signal Flow, Track Management, Setting up a Session, Recording, Basic Editing, Grouping, Adding Hardware, Basic Plug-Ins, Quick Keys and much more! This workshop is available for a group or individual. Pro Tools Advanced (4 Hour Session) $250.00 - Receive a $50.00 discount if combined with Pro Tools 101. Course Details: Automation, Elastic Audio, Tempo to Grid, Advanced Editing, More Signal Flow, More Quick Keys, Advanced Plug-Ins, Basic Mixing and much more! Urban Production 808 (4 Hour Session) $300.00 - Course Details: Reason, Pro Tools Sequencing, SoftSynth, Sync, MIDI, Quantizing, Sampling, Song Structure and much more. Includes Kold Kuts 1,000 One Shot Drum Samples! Reservation Details: $50.00 Reservation Deposit Required. Remaining due at start of course. Call 317-649-2064 Payment: Cash, American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal. Personal checks must be paid and cleared three (3) days in advance.

Azmyth Recording Studio

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"To inspire, educate, and mentor students in the creative, technical, and practical skills required to be music's next generation of leaders."