Music Production + Recording Arts

We work individually with each student so that we can work at the students pace, not the class’s pace. Each person progresses differently when it comes to learning the technique of critical listening, and we encourage our students to bring us their work on a regular basis so that we can provide guidance necessary to their professional development. Students are provided a comprehensive lesson plan that includes specified objectives, reading assignments, and supplemental resources to aid in learning. Students prepare for a new lesson plan each week for twenty weeks.

One on One Lessons

Each student is required to attend a two hour lesson with their instructor each week. This lesson reviews the material from the self-study portion of the program. The instructor answers student questions and ensures comprehension of the material. The instructor then conducts hands on demonstrations and allows the students to demonstrate they are capable of performing the required skills.

Practice Studio Skills

Students may reserve the student recording studio each day for 3 hour blocks or longer depending upon availability, to record friends, themselves, or other students.

Studio S was designed to provide students a fully equipped real studio environment to practice and hone their skills.

Shadow Artists

Students attend at least two hours of shadowing in Studio A or B (there’s no max). These sessions are critical to understanding studio etiquette, session management, critical listening, and understanding how the lessons they have learned are applied in the real world.

Student Final Project

Each student is required to complete a final project. Typical projects chosen are recording a local artist from tracking to final mix/master, beat creation to final mix, or a project in the student’s area of interest. Students work with their instructor to identify a suitable final project.

Industry Instructors

Azmyth teachers have years of industry experience with national artists.

No Limits

We have minimum requirements, but there’s no max. If you want to be in the studio shadowing artists, be here.

Competitive Rates

All of this for half the price of other music programs.

Why Azmyth School of Music Technology?