Student Testimonials

Our Students assist in the setup and audio recording of the Comcast “All Production” Series “Inside Tracks”. This show highlights Indiana’s best up and coming Musical Artists. This is just one of the many ways our students get exposure to the real world environment necessary to become a successful professional in the Audio Engineering, Audio Recording, and Music Production Business while experiencing the integration with Video.

“You can’t get any better experience than having the opportunity to be thrown into the real world environment. It helped speed the learning process substantially.”

Vince Palamara

“The Azmyth program gave me the knowledge to build my own studio. I currently work out of three different studio locations and had my first video aired on MTV.”

Tyler Weaver

“Azmyth gave me the skills and confident to be able to work out of different studios and they really taught me what being a producer is all about.”

Anton Smith

“The instructors were awesome! I never once felt like I couldn’t ask a question or get their constructive feedback on my work”

Carey Goodspeed

“The best learning experience of my life. Azmyth is truly one of a kind.”

Colton Everett Smith

“Ryan was always concerned about getting people into sessions and texting. Recieved a lot of emails from the instructors and I felt very included.”

Buddy Spurgeon

This is the ideal place to be if anyone is trying to grasp every element of the music industry. From microphone polar patterns to midi production to music publishing. I am forever grateful for my experience.”

Daniel Feliciano

Amazing program!! The teachers & mentors were amazing in helping me learn real-world audio engineering skills based on my style & interest. I was able to run paying studio sessions on my own before I had finished the 20-week program!”

Levi Townsend

My experience at the Indianapolis’ Azmyth School of Technology is one that will be remembered forever.  I feel confident saying I can walk into any studio anywhere and know what I’m doing behind the board.  I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for Azmyth and their dedicated staff.

Drew Seibert