Student Studio S

At Azmyth School of Music Technology your entire education will take place in an actual working studio. Our Student studio is available for students to sign out for three hour blocks per day (included in our program!).

Fully Loaded

It is equipped with Pro Tools 12 and enough outboard gear to handle drum tracking. Studio S is outfitted with WArm Audio and Black Lion Audio preamps, Joe MeekTL Audio and Orban EQs,  as well as a Native Instruments Maschine controller and numerous NI sound libraries. The Microphone collection includes Mics from AKGSterling AudioCAD Audio, and Shure.

Practice As You Learn

Studio S is designed to provide students the opportunity to practice as they learn. Each student is provided secure access to the facility and  they are able to invite their musician friends to be recorded as they engineer and hone their skills.  Students are encouraged to share their work with their instructors and get constructive feedback.

Student Final Project

Each student is required to complete a final project. Typical projects chosen are recording a local artist from tracking to final mix/master, beat creation to final mix, or a project in the student’s area of interest. Students work with their instructor to identify a suitable final project.

No Limits

We have minimum requirements, but there’s no max. If you want to be in the studio shadowing artists, be here.

Competitive Rates

Professional and Student Studio access for half the price of other music programs.

Why Azmyth School of Music Technology?